Nightstand Diaries: The Sleep Essentials AD Editors Can’t Live Without

Nightstand Diaries: The Sleep Essentials AD Editors Can’t Live Without

Nightstand Diaries: The Sleep Essentials AD Editors Can’t Live Without

Everyone’s sleep essentials look a little different. And, since we’ve been celebrating Sleep Week here at Clever, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share a sneak peak into the pre-bedtime wellness routines of AD’s editors and writers. Below you’ll find pictures and videos of nightstands styled by different AD staffers in their own home with the products they love to keep close to bed. So if you’re hoping to find some highly recommended suggestions for skin care must-haves, essential oil diffusers, eye masks, fragrances, and much more, you’ve come to right place. Pour yourself a calming cup of tea (that we recommend below, of course), and happy shopping!

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The Tabitha nightstand’s superpower is its versatility. Not only does the slender form pair well with nearly any design aesthetic, but it offers two rotable sides: one closed off for minimalist, clutter-free vibes, and the other exposed for piled-on panache. 

Mel Studach

Urban Outfitters Tabitha Nightstand

“Giving me storage space is like giving a child a balloon…I will absolutely fill it up and want more. So in an effort to try to live more minimalistic and nix unnecessary items from my life, I opted for a pared-back nightstand with open shelving—meaning any items that do gather on it have to be few and well styled. The Tabitha nightstand from Urban Outfitters, with its slim frame, white oak veneer, and stylistic versatility, was my go-to pick. I love how the simple silhouette feels refined against my heirloom decor, from the French faience wall plates to the marigold tapestry hanging as a headboard. And because us small-space dwellers are always thinking about functionality, I also love that the scale of the piece can double as a side table if needed.”  — Mel Studach, AD PRO Editor

P.F. Candle Co Wild Herb Tonic 7.2 oz Soy Candle

“PF Candle Co.’s Wild Herb Tonic scent is rooted in moments of connecting to nature (think aromatic walks through an herb garden or the earthy crispness of a morning hike through the woodlands), so it’s an ideal scent for creating a sense of calm at the end of a long day.”

Hey Dewy Wireless Humidifier

“Lightweight, easily portable, and USB rechargeable, the Hey Dewy humidifier travels between my desk to my nightstand almost every day.”

Ten Over Ten The Sleep Mask

“Listen, I’m no beauty editor, so ingredient lists and formula talk about restoring moisture and increasing elasticity is beyond me. What I can say? This overnight treatment works!”

Bulgarian Troyan Redware Pottery Pitcher

“I get joy from watering my plants every time thanks to this redware pitcher.”

I love the curves of my Parachute nightstand and, practically, I appreciate that the discreet push-to-open drawer on hides whatever I need it to.

Rachel Fletcher

Parachute Bluff Stacked Nightstand with Drawer

“Now, I am no minimalist, but pretty much everything in my room (bed frame, mirror, and now nightstand) is made of white oak, birch, or a similarly light-washed wood. I like to keep it pretty neutral for sleeping and save the color for my living space, which gets a lot more natural light. The first thing that stood out to me about the Bluff was, obviously, its unique shape. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality—it has the weight and reliability of solid wood, but also feels slightly soft thanks to the organic silhouette. It also had a lot more surface area than I was expecting. (sure, I could have looked at the measurements, but where’s the fun in that?) Form aside, I really love the spring loaded drawer because, let’s be real, there are certain bedside items that aren’t necessarily display-worthy, and the fact that a gentle push discreetly slides the drawer open is a nice touch.” —Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

“Waking up with a sunrise lamp and the sound of chirping birds really is a game changer—and I was a skeptic, believe me. It’s so much of a game changer that we gave it a Sleep Award this year!”

“What can I say, I’m a morning-pages person. These notebooks from Poketo are probably the brightest item in my bedroom, but they surely come in handy.”

“There is one rule when it comes to the light scheme in my home and my bedroom especially: No harsh overhead lighting. The perennially sold out Akari 1A gives me the perfect amount of soft light to read by and makes the room feel cozy.”

Kate McLeod Sleep Stone Solid Body Moisturizer

“A friend introduced me to the Kate Mcleod sleep stone a few months ago and I haven’t looked back since. Rubbing it in your hands is a great pre-bed ritual (it also moisturizes the skin) and it’s lavender and chamomile-scented, two natural fragrances that put you in a relaxed state of mind.”

Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses

“I have broken pretty much every piece of glassware I’ve ever owned, so I keep a stock of these hardy little guys at all times. I’ve even written about them being the perfect glass for everything.”

With its sleek, Scandi-inspired design, AllModern’s Lukas nightstand is a perfect foil to colorful, mismatched decor.

Lizzie Soufleris. Art: Gonzalo Guerrero/Secret Riso Club, Meghan Marin, Ian MacKay.

Allmodern Lukas Nightstand

“In a small Brooklyn apartment like mine, storage is absolutely paramount. These days I’m bravely exploring a sans-dresser lifestyle, so I will take all the stowaway space I can find. Enter AllModern’s Lukas nightstand. Though sleek in design, this nightstand is no delicate flower—the square footprint and dual drawers provide a surprising amount of storage space. The top drawer has more than enough room to house all of my essentials, leaving the bottom drawer free for other possibilities. In my case, I now have a home for a stack of art supplies that was previously existing as a free-standing sculpture (i.e., pile) on my floor. I love how the steamed beech finish fits in seamlessly with the other light woods in my bedroom while the rounded legs soften an otherwise severe silhouette. Plus the clean Scandinavian-inspired style is the perfect base for my colorful (and admittedly slightly chaotic) decor.” —Lizzie Soufleris, associate visuals editor

MoMa Design Store Borosilicate Glass Cups – Set of 6

“As a beverage connoisseur, I am all about multipurpose drinkware. These handblown glass cups can handle hot and cold, plus they look chic on my nightstand, especially when paired with these groovy glass coasters.”

“Though an egg cup isn’t exactly a nightstand classic, it’s an adorable way to stash tiny items that would otherwise go missing. For me, it’s the perfect receptacle for these spiral hair ties—a newfound nightstand favorite to save my locks from breakage.”

Dusen Dusen Everybody Tissue Box Holder

“Cold and flu season really made its presence known this year, much to my chagrin. This tissue box holder from Dusen Dusen transforms an otherwise not-so-cute nightstand necessity into a fun accent piece.”

The neutral design of this Japanese cypress nightstand leaves plenty of room for personalization, but still ample space for keeping everything you need—without looking cluttered—close by.

Zoë Sessums

The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Nightstand

“Over the years, my nightstand has typically taken the form of a repurposed object. As in, an apple box turned on its side, an upside down crate, or a non-bedside-specific side table. Last month, I finally swapped the wobbly yellow table I was using for this real deal hinoki wood (Japanese cypress) nightstand from The Citizenry. The light hue and structured elegance fits in perfectly with the rest of my bedroom decor, which includes a lot of light woods and linens. I was initially shocked by the size of the piece—it being nearly two feet in length, height, and width—but it turns out to be ideal for having a less cluttered nightstand. The single drawer, which is an optional addition, is also great for removing visual clutter and for stashing the sorts of things you either use occasionally (tissues) or find a bit unsightly (chargers, ear plugs).” —Zoë Sessums, digital design editor

Breasts and Eggs: A Novel

“I usually have between one and a dozen novels on my nightstand. Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami is my current read and I can’t wait to get to it every night.”

Swanky Swig Retro Glasses, Set of 12

“I always bring some water to bed and need just enough for a few sips before I sleep or if I wake up in the middle of the night. It’s nice to use a cute, vintage glass to add a pop of color to the scene.”

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Spiral Coasters

“Since this nightstand is untreated, it has a higher risk of staining, so I try to keep a coaster around to avoid damage. Right now I’m using a ceramic blue one my parents bought when I was a teen, but I’ll often rotate designs.”

The Thuma nightstand in espresso is simply cool and refined. The solid wood is a clean aesthetic and compliments practically anything you choose to display on the nightstand.

Andrea Lewis

“My room is very much my sanctuary and I’m constantly evolving the space to be more charming, warm, and pristine. I see my room as an externalized gallery of myself, holding all my prized possessions, and for a nightstand I wanted something simple and refined to gracefully elevate the art and objects that I love most. I chose the Thuma nightstand in Espresso, which I find most suave and cool. You can’t go wrong with accessorizing dark wood. I don’t use the attachable legs because I enjoy the elegance of the square shape. The drawer is spacious and heavy, requiring a bit more attention to open as it is hardware-free. The top surface is a subset tray, which I adore because it prevents things from easily sliding off.” —Andrea Lewis, assistant to the global editorial director 

Anastasio Home Mini Box in Emerald

“From jewelry pieces to beloved perfumes, the Anastasio tray in Emerald is where I hold my treasures. I always keep this tray dear and close.”

“The Akari Light Sculpture was designed by Isamu Noguchi and is the perfect nighttime lantern. This piece is a lovely blend of Japanese craftsmanship and modernist structure.” 

COQUI COQUI Coco Coco Eau De Parfum 100ml

“A tobacco scented perfume made by the Mexican-based brand Coqui Coqui is one of my go-tos. I love this brand because they’re an apothecary for botanic scents.” 

Xinu Mentha Piperita Hand-Sanitizer Spray

“This peppermint-, eucalyptus-, and mandarine-scented hand sanitizer is from my favorite Mexican-based perfumery. Xinú is an experimental laboratory alchemizing aromatic botanicals of the Americas.”

“Photographer Pia Riverola debuts a dreamy monograph capturing the spirit of Mexico. For those who love Mexico and flowers, this is a must have!”

What do a white oak nightstand, pink velvet bed frame, and monogrammed pillow have in common? One AD Producer who, in her words, is utterly obsessed.

West Elm x Pottery Barn Teen Quinn Nightstand

“My room is what I’d describe as colorful in aesthetic, with hints of pink and unlacquered brass, so I knew that the white oak West Elm x Pottery Barn Teen Quinn nightstand would work beautifully. I have a pink velvet bed that has a curved headboard, so the square geometric shape of this nightstand proved to be the perfect juxtaposition to what was already in the room. I absolutely love the crimped texture on the drawer, which adds another layer of detail to catch the eye upon entering the space. I’m a book hoarder, oscillating between a few at any given time, so the open nook in this nightstand was perfect, as it allows for visibility when I’m looking for something and also enough space to hold everything.” —Kat Kovac, commerce producer

“This alarm clock genuinely changed my life. In an effort to curb my excessive phone use, I purchased this gadget and my sleep and wake-up routines have never been the same. I set it to one hour of reading time at night, followed by 30 minutes of relaxing music, and it wakes me up in the morning with a sunrise and chirping birds. It is now one of my prized sleep essentials.” 

“Having heard of Vitruvi from many friends and colleagues, I was so excited to finally give one of their aromatherapy diffusers a try. It’s really minimal and chic in its aesthetic and diffuses an even (not overpowering) amount of the actual essential oil. It’s a wonderful addition to my newfound nighttime routine.”

“When I moved to New York City, I became a flower snob quicker than my bank account could catch up. There’s nothing better than a fresh bundle of peonies, tulips, or ranunculus to brighten up any room, and my new favorite place is to put them right on my nightstand.”

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

“For Christmas last year, I was gifted the Augustinus Bader Body Cream. As a longtime ultrafan of The Rich Cream, this splurge proved to be just as wonderful (and indulgent), and keeping it on my nightstand reminds me to actually use it sparingly. ”

USM’s Haller P in yellow is the ideal statement piece to pair with luxurious striped bedding from Magniberg and a Miffy bank bought in Tokyo.

Audrey Lee

USM Haller P Bedside Table

“Even on gloomy days, my USM Haller P nightstand is a sunny spot in my space. I’ve never been a big fan of yellow (I intentionally don’t own a single piece of clothing in the color), but there was something about this piece of furniture in this hue that made me rethink my prejudices. I personally love the way the primary color works in a room that’s all-white with other bright interior pieces, but I think it’d be just as chic in a wildly patterned decor scheme. The main construction of the nightstand is powder-coated steel, which feels incredibly durable, while the glistening chrome frame adds a contemporary touch. It’s also got adjustable floor glides that can accommodate any uneven surfaces and a lockable, soft-close drop-down door that’s currently housing my Theragunfavorite tea, and several face masks from Dr. Jart.” —Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil

“No one likes waking up in the morning with chapped lips. My last step before setting an alarm for the next morning is always a bit of lip balm, whether it’s vaseline, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, or recently this Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil that’s great at keeping things moisturized while I get my eight hours (or less).”

Malin+Goetz Strawberry Eau De Parfum

“Shimmying through a few spritzes of perfume is one of my morning rituals. Over the colder months, my go-to has been Aesop’s Eidesis, but as spring rolls around I’ll be adding this Malin & Goetz strawberry perfume to my rotation—it’s light and fresh. I’m scent-obsessed, so I also like to keep testers nearby too (the current ones I’m trying are from Perfumehead and D.S. & Durga).”

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm

“I have an aversion to super thick hand creams so I actually love slathering on a bit of this Aesop body balm on my hands and forearms before retiring for the night.”

Moleskine Classic Notebook

“This versatile Moleskin is perfect for jotting down ideas, and having it on my nightstand is handy since I’ll work from bed from time to time. I’ve always liked the idea of keeping a consistent dream journal as well, so I always hope it’ll motivate me to keep a regular sleep log. Mine is personalized with my name, but they’re also available in tons of colors and customizable options.”

“As a disciple of People magazine’s celebrity-studded crossword puzzles, I was looking for a more sophisticated upgrade like this book for film buffs. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but it does let me add titles to my already-long ‘movies to watch’ list, which I love.”

My Componibili nightstand is my favorite thing to look at every night and morning (don’t tell my husband)—I love the sleek drawers and the rich color, and the way my blue floor lamp fits perfectly around the base.

Erika Owen

“I searched for a loooong time to find a nightstand setup that makes me smile. I like to curate things and surround myself with the ceramics I’ve made (like the tall coil vase, the weird little gnome ring holder, and the container on my stool that I just refer to as Little Guy), as well as more functional essentials. I have seen so many people use the Kartell Componibili storage tower as a nightstand, and I love the look. We have a beloved piece of art above our bed, and I wanted to mimic those colors in my nightstand situation. The moss green of the nightstand and the bright blue of the lamp I found were a perfect match in my mind. Plus, the circular base of the lamp fits perfectly around my Componibili. It was meant to be. I also have a small stool as an extension of my nightstand, just to house a candle and two other ceramic pieces I made.” —Erika Owen, contributor

West Elm Sculptural Kids Floor Lamp

“I’m a big fan of mood lighting, so I knew that I wanted a lamp I could access from bed. I searched everywhere for the perfect lamp and eventually found it in the kids section at West Elm. It has tons of personality and actually looks like it was built right into the nightstand.”

The Met Store Footed Bowl Mini Sculpture

“This was a gift from my husband after a visit to The Met, and it makes me think of him every time I use it. He knows I love quirky objects, and it’s the perfect size for storing my AirPods (which I am constantly losing).”

Sóley Organics Græðir Organic Healing Balm

“I am a big fan of Sóley Organics, an Iceland-based beauty brand, and I use the healing balm on my lips every night before passing out.”

Witch Hazel NY 3rd Ritual Earth Botanical Body Lotion

“I have the driest skin during the winter months, and this lotion is not only super effective, but it smells delicious. Sometimes I open it just to give it a little sniff.”

HAY Mono 20 oz. Thermal Bottle

“I am one of those people who wakes up thirsty at 2 a.m. like I’ve never had a drop of water before. This bottle is big, and I never get through all of it in a single night. Plus, it’s blue, and I love that.”

Article’s Nera nightstand in walnut is a great addition to my neutral-palette room. And the amount of storage space? Chef’s kiss!

Rebecca Grambone

“I just moved into a new apartment, and as someone who is still trying to figure out the right design aesthetic for my space, I feel like Article’s Nera nightstand in walnut was a great piece to start with since it is so versatile. Straight away, the amount of storage this nightstand has stood out to me. It has a deep-set drawer where I can store things such as my books, blue light glasses, and my retainer (yes, I still wear mine.) The soft-close element is just the cherry on top. Plus, there is an additional open-air shelf on the bottom that’s perfect to add a basket to. The wood of the Nera is super rich in color and smooth to the touch. Overall, I am very happy with the quality of this nightstand and am looking forward to designing the rest of the space around it!” —Rebecca Grambone, associate social media manager

“Taking care of my mental health is a big priority of mine, and practicing gratitude is something I have implemented into my daily life. Taking a few moments to reflect on the small things in life every morning and every night is essential for me.”

SAFAVIEH Lighting Collection Cappi Modern Brass Gold Orb

“This lamp can really elevate a bedside situation, and for some reason it reminds me of a library, which I love.”

Lulu and Georgia Molloy Vases, Set Of 8

“This vase set is actually a set of eight, which is perfect for scattering around your space for a little extra touch of decoration. I feel like they just pull my nightstand-scape together!”

The inside of my nightstand is giving cluttercore, but I love that the door on the Shorty keeps anyone but me from seeing it.

Katherine McLaughlin

“I can still remember the first day of sixth grade when I finally got my own locker—it was a major moment for my middle school self. Mustard Made, founded by sisters Jess and Becca, lets me relive that spark of joy every time I walk into my bedroom. My personal interior style is sort of funky retro meets streamlined midcentury, and the lockers from the Australian brand fit perfectly into that. Living in what feels like the smallest bedroom in Brooklyn, I’m always on the hunt for extra storage, and I really appreciate that this option gives me that. I also love that, while it’s not over the top, it feels a bit more unique to have a locker next to my bed, which is something I value.” —Katherine McLaughlin, associate digital features editor

Moleskine Classic Notebook

“I’m a big journaler, so I like to keep a collection of Moleskins near my bed for easy access whenever I need to jot something down. I often have multiple going at once for different things: reflections, lists, ideas, etc.” 

Space Bloom Interior Fragrance

“I truly believe that I am Space’s number one fan and will rave about these linen sprays for as long as people will listen. I spritz one every night and morning.” 

1 Hotels Signature Kindling Candle

“This candle is super light and refreshing, and I tend to light it at night while I’m reading or watching TV.”

Ikea Simrishamn Table lamp

“Like many people, I hate overhead lighting with a passion. This Bauhaus-esque lamp from IKEA gives my room just the right glow at night without being too harsh.”

This nightstand is a cool (if soft-spoken) bedside companion—with plenty of storage for whatever your sleep routine calls for.

Avocado Malibu Wood Nightstand

“Finding modern products that fit into my home—which has its fair share of antiques and flea-market finds—can sometimes be a challenge. This piece has worked nicely, though, thanks to some of its finer details, such as the tongue-like metal drawer pull, solid walnut construction, and dovetail joinery. In my apartment, everything needs to have some type of integrated storage, and a nightstand is no exception. Thankfully the drawer is amply sized (mine holds a shoebox of smaller items, a travel steamer, cords, and a few hand creams), and the opening on the bottom offers handy storage for books, shoes, or whatever else might need stowing away. My husband and I have different wake-up times, so the drawers’ soft close has proved to be a favorite feature. In addition to clean finishes, the B Corp brand uses renewable energy at their factories and purchases carbon offsets for shipping. For me, this piece was definitely an upgrade and made my whole room feel more grown-up.” —Lila Allen, AD PRO senior editor

The Grey Pearl Man on the Moon Cocktail Napkins by Chefanie

“Who needs a coaster when you can have a snazzy cocktail napkin instead? These embroidered cuties have the right amount of old-school charm, and I love the shape.”

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

“I know—I gave the whole ‘mushroom hot chocolate’ thing major side-eye at first too, but I have to admit these little sachets are tasty. There’s a tang of cardamom and cinnamon to it that I fancy—it’s like a grown-up take on Swiss Miss.”

Minh Singer Small Iceland Bowl in Pink Aurora

“If the heart-hands emoji took a ceramic form, I think it’d look like this wee vessel from Minh Singer. It’s about the size of a scooped-out half lemon—perfect for the earrings I take off before hitting the hay—with gorgeous gilt detailing on the edges.”

Studio JBLU Kaleidoscope Bowl

“I’ve loved Jenny Hata Blumenfield’s ceramics for years, so I was thrilled to see her open Studio JBLU last year. Each dish in this series is one-of-a-kind with dreamy, watercolor-like detailing in the center.”

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Original 1970

“If you know, you know. Lotion P50 is my skin care holy grail, even if it makes me smell like I’ve been pickled. This chemical exfoliant is one thing I’ve found that clears up the milia I tend to get on my chin—and it makes me absolutely glow.”

Anyone curating natural vibes in their space will want to check out West Elm’s burl side table, which looks almost identical to pricier vintage designs.

West Elm Volume Square Side Table (20″) – Burl

“Until recently, I’ve never really given much thought about nightstands. For years, I relied on bedroom dressers, and nothing is more of an eyesore than a crowded surface–not to mention how anxiety-inducing it is to have a pile of clutter at your bedside be the first and last thing you see every day. As much as I have loved using one of Kartell’s classic Componibili storage units these past few years, I’ve been craving burl wood for my bedroom. The vintage sets from Lane Furniture are currently out of my price range, so this side table from West Elm is a great proxy.” —Sydney Gore, digital design editor

Vetri Murano Glass Egg Lamp

“If you weren’t already aware, I have a not-so-secret lamp obsession, so making the right design decision for my bedside was a process. During the pandemic I started collecting vintage Vetri Murano table lamps in pink, so there was no question that I would be bringing one into my bedroom. When turned on, it adds the warmest glow to the space—and the swirl is mesmerizing!”

Vitruvi Warm Linen Air Freshener Spray

“I’m a scentual person, so you can always find a room spray within reach in my home! I’ll spritz this air freshener around the bed so when I slip under the sheets all I can smell is lavender and vanilla. (I also store my perfume collection in my bedroom, an old favorite is Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle.)”

Vitruvi Cloud Cool Mist Humidifier

“No exaggeration, this humidifier has changed my life! I am plagued with sinus issues, and ever since I started incorporating this into my nighttime routine, I’ve been sleeping and breathing better.”

Deiji Studios White ‘The Side Tie’ Pyjama Shirt & Pants

“Maybe this is a result of watching too much Bananas In Pajamas as a kid, but I love a pajama set with all of my heart. The bottom of my Kartell unit contains a stack of sets from brands like Deiji Studios, Tekla, General Sleep, and Comme Si.”

“You can never have too many pairs of slippers, but if I had to pledge my allegiance to one brand then this would be it. They claim the spot right in front of my nightstand. (Another favorite from my collection is the 2021 collab with Molly Goddard.)”

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