Home-Decor Trends That Will Be Popular in 2023, According to Experts

Home-Decor Trends That Will Be Popular in 2023, According to Experts

Home-Decor Trends That Will Be Popular in 2023, According to Experts

Many people will start making a statement with colorful marble.

Slabs of colorful granite in a row.

Marble is getting revamped.

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“White Calacatta marble with gray veining has been the gold standard in kitchen bathroom and even product design,” Blundell said. “But now we’re starting to see marbles get inverted.”

“Colored stone is really coming to the fore — things like pink, red, burgundy, even dark blacks,” she said. “It’s these colored stones that have white veining now instead of white marble having the gray veining and it’s super cool.”

“They’re playing really well with maximalism, which has been coming on strong I think for the past year or two,” Blundell added.

Adding marble to your home can be costly though, so if it’s out of your budget, Blundell recommends incorporating it through marble bookends or other decor pieces that are more affordable.

Others will be turning to Paris for inspiration when freshening up their homes.

A woman sits on a bed in a bedroom with white walls with gold trim.

Some will look to Paris for decor inspiration.

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“I think this started taking hold with ‘Emily in Paris’ and travel kind of surging again,” Blundell told Insider.

“But everybody right now can’t get enough, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon,” she said.

Blundell went on to say that she anticipates people will have “fun with furnishings” in rooms that have traditional moldings and white walls, for example.

“It’s great because that’s not that hard of a look,” she added. “I mean it sounds like it would be a hard look to master because we’re talking about Paris. But the style can be easier than you think with the use of some peel-and-stick moldings.”

People will be putting a twist on tile throughout their homes.

A kitchen with a mosaic tile wall.

Tile can take on different shapes.

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Blundell told Insider that people will be embracing illusion tile.

“You’re starting to see tiles that look like other things,” she said, like wallpaper, florals, or even wood. 

Blundell also said people are experimenting more with tile because of “how durable and hygienic” it is.

“It’s so easy to care for, where a dark marble may not be,” she said.