22 Beautiful Kitchen Sink Ideas To Transform Your Space

22 Beautiful Kitchen Sink Ideas To Transform Your Space

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only do you likely use it every day, but it’s also vital to the resale value of your house if you ever decide to put it on the market. Whether you want to renovate it for yourself or increase its value, it’s an indispensable area to pay attention to. But you don’t need to make significant changes to the space to boost your home’s worth. 

According to Vevano, the smallest renovations have the highest return on investment, roughly 80.5{61deb032f2f3cf43cd91e0a97f017aab274ddbb67b74a5b085bd003b9ac3cd96}. One of the smallest and, in some cases, easiest renovations you can make is via your kitchen sink. It can be as simple as changing out the faucet hardware to installing a new basin entirely, but it’s generally much more straightforward than reflooring or replacing larger appliances. There are endless options for updating your kitchen through the kitchen sink, including color, materials, designs, shapes, and more.

1. Black drainboard sink

Drainboard sinks allow you to conveniently stack dishes and glasses or rinse off food in the sink, allowing the water to drain into the basin mess-free. A black drainboard sink has a slightly edgy, rustic, industrial-inspired look, which can be enhanced or left to stand out on its own.

2. Brass faucet

Spruce up a plain single basin sink with an eye-catching faucet. A warm-toned brass faucet goes wonderfully with a bright white kitchen and marble countertops, making your kitchen look chic and luxurious.

3. Black farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sinks aren’t just convenient but visually intriguing additions to your kitchen. If you want to avoid a rustic, farmhouse look, but want the effect of the sink, choose a black basin, which gives it a slightly modern edge — especially in a brighter kitchen.

4. Corner sink

Picking a place to put your sink can be as challenging as choosing a style. If you have an awkward corner or bend in your counters, don’t count it out as a place to install your sink. It makes the appliance much more intriguing and can transform even the plainest sink into something visually interesting.

5. Gold hardware

What hardware you choose for your sink is just as, if not more, necessary than the sink itself. Pick a shiny, reflective gold color for your faucet and other sink hardware to liven up a plain sink or highlight a dramatic, large basin. 

6. Double sinks

One sink may not be enough if you cook a lot or have a busy household. Two sinks allow you to contrast designs — one sink can be classic and sleek, the other traditional and vintage. One could be chrome, the other steel. Play around with colors, sizes, and designs.

7. Oval-shaped sink

Square sinks may be the standard in most kitchens, but there’s no rule against varying shapes. An oval or circular-shaped sink is much softer and goes well with similarly muted colors and design choices.

8. Brass basin

Don’t limit colorful metals to your faucets. Brass sink basins are not only eye-catching and appeal to your kitchen, but they also have the sanitary properties of other metals. Just make sure to keep up with the necessary maintenance. 

9. White farmhouse sink

If you like bright and clean kitchens, then a large, white farmhouse sink is a perfect addition. Add chrome or gold hardware to your faucet and cabinets to tie it in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen.

10. Classic steel basin

Steel may not be as flashy as brass or gold, but it is just as practical and visually effective in your kitchen. Clean, square silhouettes can help emphasize the minimalist, clean-cut nature of the metal.

11. Chrome faucet

Chrome is another excellent finish for your sink hardware, adding more dimension and intrigue than simple stainless steel.

12. Rounded double basin

A simple, divided, double basin can be plain or sterile for your tastes. Instead, opt for a rounded double basin with a rounded, integrated design.

13. Smooth gold sink

Instead of just a gold faucet, go for a double gold faucet and sink basin. This adds warmth and color to your kitchen and goes great with other gold hardware or appliances.

14. Modern spout faucet

While some things, like your actual basin, are more difficult to swap, the faucet is a little easier to update. If you want a slightly modern, contemporary edge, swap out your basic straight spout faucet for a more minimalist design. 

15. Vintage bridge faucet

On the other hand, if you want to make your kitchen feel a little more vintage, a simple bridge faucet with vintage detailing can go a long way to enhancing any other antique vibes in your kitchen, like butcher block countertops.

16. Copper basin and gold faucet

Mix and match metals with your faucet and sink — gold or brass for the tap, detailing, drainboard, and copper for the basin. Pair with other warm colors to integrate it seamlessly into your kitchen.

17. Black vintage faucet

If you want vintage touches without going overboard, choose a faucet with a vintage design in a modern color, like black. Pair with a plain, simple white basin for a pop of vintage inspiration without committing too much to the aesthetic.

18. Minimalist gooseneck faucet

Gooseneck faucets are one of the most popular styles. Give it a minimalist edge with a square, U-shaped design instead of the classic rounded configuration. Dark, matte shades like black for your sink and faucet help accentuate the design. 

19. Simple single basin

Your kitchen sink doesn’t need to be flashy to be an excellent addition to your kitchen. A simple white ceramic top-mount basin with a chrome or steel faucet is classic, adaptable, and timeless.

20. Raised stone basin

On the other hand, if you want to make a statement with your kitchen sink, choose a raised basin. Add character by selecting a stone material and a gold, vintage-style faucet. 

21. Pop of blue

Your kitchen sink can also add a pop of color to the room. Keep it subtle with a darker, more natural shade, like a stone blue. Pair with more pigmented variations of the color throughout the kitchen — cabinets, paint, decorations, etc.

22. Natural stone basin

Add stone touches in a more understated way through your basin. Choose a natural, tan, or cream color to keep it simple, paired with a chrome faucet and other masonry details — stone countertops, mosaic tile backsplash, etc.